Measurement Rule

Click on the icons to the right to download a copy of the New Universal Rule of Measurement proposal for Class Q, or for the accompanying Supplements to the Rule, or Instructions to Measurers.

There are actually two "Rules" involved here:
  • A new version of the Universal Rule of Measurement, under which new construction Q boats will race level, without handicap
  • handicap system based on a proven velocity prediction program (Vpp), under which both new and vintage boats can race together with time allowance; this system is similar to the one used very successfully by the J Class today
New Universal Rule of Measurement
Developed from the rule to which the Q Class, M Class and J Class were all developed in years past, the new Universal Rule uses the same basic concepts and formulas (with some adjustment to the formulas) to produce the new Q Class, to which any new construction boats will be built, excepting any replicas one might build of the older boats.

However, in the new Universal Rule, a number of changes have been made to make faster, more able boat, including:
  • Modern wood construction to produce a stronger, healthier boat
  • Longer maximum Quarter Beam Length (QBL) to produce fuller broader sterns for more sailing length and better downwind stability
  • Lower lead for lower center of gravity and greater driving power, even with a nice interior
  • Higher aspect ratio sail plan for greater upwind efficiency
  • Greatly increased design restrictions to keep the boats competitive and discourage extremes which might obsolete an existing fleet of new construction boats
  • Mandatory internal arrangements and accommodations to ensure cruising capabilities in the new boats
Handicap System (Vpp)
A Velocity Prediction Programme will be developed for the class that will define an accurate handicap between each of the Q Class Yachts. This will allow for fair handicap between new construction and vintage boats in the class. The Vpp programme will be generated independently by people who are familiar with the development of Velocity Prediction Programs, and were involved in devising the handicap system in use for the J Class today.

Q Class offers an excellent opportunity for serious but friendly classic style yacht racing!

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